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Membership Account & 10% Discount

We wanted to update our customers in regards to the membership account and 10% discount which comes with it; after months of research, we have found out that only part of our customers actually register online to benefit from this feature and the reduced cost. Considering this, we want all our customers to take advantage of our best prices!

To some extent the account feature is “holding” our website back from offering our customers much more useful features. As a result, we will be suspending our membership account at the end of January 2016. Do not be alarmed! This does not mean you will no longer benefit from our discount; on the contrary, this will automatically be included and all customers will take advantage of our reduced prices without the effort of registering online and creating an account with us.

Remember, starting from February 2016, you will automatically have the 10% members discount included in the generated quote, without having to register or login to your account.

Stay tuned for more!