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Driver Recruitment

Driver Recruitment

Interested in joining? If you have the commitment, are reliable and can offer a trustworthy service to our customers, we would like to hear from you now!

What to expect...

These are just some of the ways we’re driving the change and setting the standard for ride-hailing.

Low commission

24/7 Driver Support

Driver referral bonus

Detailed job info
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Flexible itineraries

Free calls to customers
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Documents required

Driver documents

  1. PCO license (paper copy and photo badge)
  2. Driving license (front and back, including the DVLA check code to verify your license / we do not accept drivers with 6 or more points on their license)
  3. National insurance number
  4. Bank statement (showing your account and sort code, must be under your name)
  5. Profile picture (this can be uploaded later via the app)

Vehicle documents

  1. PHV license
  2. V5C log book (inside page) or new keeper’s slip
  3. MOT (if applicable, less than 6 months old)
  4. Private hire insurance (if this is a fleet policy, we will require the hire agreement and a permission letter/policy schedule)
  5. Vehicle hire agreement (if applicable)

Download the app

You only need an Android or iPhone to download and run our app, use the links below to get the relevant version.

Make sure that you are registered with us first before downloading the app. You will receive a welcome email letting you know that your profile is active once the signup procedure is completed.

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We want to offer our clients with an experience worth remembering, a service that meets their needs and ultimately, a product they can depend on.

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Here's all your questions answered

If you have all relevant driver and vehicle documentation listed above, you are eligible to register and work with ourselves.

To operate and conclude journeys as a private hire driver, you will need a private hire driver license issued by Transport for London. If you do not have a PCO license yet, you will not be able to register with us and will have to obtain one first. If you are looking to register as a PCO driver, you can apply here.

To operate and conclude private hire journeys, you will need a vehicle that is licensed by Transport for London for private hire activities. If you do not have a PHV licensed vehicle yourself, you can also rent one from a company that offers such services. If you are looking to license your vehicle, you can apply here.

Yes, your vehicle will need private hire insurance that specifically covers for such activities, as this will cover you, your car, and the passenger(s) in the event of an accident. The insurance policy must contain the name of the driver and vehicle being used. If your vehicle is rented and insurance is provided by the rental company, you will have to provide the hire agreement, permission letter or the full policy schedule.

To generate a check code, you will have to visit the DVLA website and enter your driving license number, national insurance number and postcode. After entering these details, select “share your license information” to generate a DVLA check code. Once the code is generated, please forward this to us – the check code is valid for only 21 days from the date of generation. If you need to generate a check code, you can apply here.

If you own a car, you will have a V5C or log book. This is the registration form of your car and it includes all crucial details about your vehicle that are also held by DVLA. We only require the inside pages of this document. If your vehicle is rented, this document should be provided by the rental company. For more information, you can click here.

If your vehicle is new, you do not require a MOT certificate during the first year. This only becomes a requirement after 1-year passes from the vehicle registration date. You might also be exempt if your PHV license expires after the 1-year period, meaning you will require a MOT certificate at the same time you renew your PHV license. After this, a MOT certificate is required every 6 months.

Use the “register now” button to start the registration process. Once we have processed your application, we will contact you to collect all relevant documentation and get you started. Alternatively, you can send us an email at drivers@twelve.london along with the details requested in the sign up form below.

No, registering with us is completely free. We only charge you based on the journeys completed and all you need is a smartphone (Android or iOS).

Depending on the number of applications we are currently processing, it can take up to 3 working days to process your documents and activate your profile, should you pass our internal requirements. We aim to process your application quicker than this, but please take into consideration the time frame advised before contacting us again about your registration.

Yes, you can make an appointment to meet one of our representatives at our head office in the Regus building located at Jhumat House, 160 London Road, Barking IG11 8BB (Monday – Friday between 10:00 AM and 16:00 PM). Please note that we will only be able to see you if an appointment was made prior, otherwise we cannot guarantee that someone will assist you on the spot.

We accept any vehicle that is under 5 years old, has 4 doors and accommodates a minimum of 5 people (including driver). If you have an older vehicle, we will have to inspect this in person and decide if we are able to accept you – for this you will have to schedule an appointment with us.

We currently service the Greater London area (all M25) and offer our customers the possibility to book local journeys (within the Greater London area), airport transfers (between the London area and all London airports and major UK airports), port or cruise transfers (between the London area and all major UK ports incl. Southampton, Dover etc), long distance journeys (between the London area and pretty much any location within the UK), executive requirements and private tours.

Yes, but only if the pickup or drop-off are in the London area. We do not cover journeys that have both pickup and drop-off outside the London area (for example, from Birmingham to Manchester).

We have recently reduced the office commission applicable on an invoice from 25% down to 20%, but if you generate more than £500.00 (total job value) per week, the office commission will reduce further to only 16% – this will apply to the overall value generated on your weekly invoice.

Generate up to £500.00 (total job value) per week – you will pay 20% commission.
Generate more than £500.00 (total job value) per week – you will pay 16% commission.

With the launch of our new driver and customer app, we will be practicing a promotional 14% commission on any journey you cover. This rate will be applicable until 31.12.2020, after which we will revert to our standard rates. We expect the new version to be ready for launch around August – September 2020, but we will inform all drivers when this promo becomes active.

Yes, there is an admin fee applicable on journeys over £75.00, in the form of £2.00 (for journey between £75.00 and £99.99) or £3.00 (for journeys over £100.00). This fee is applicable per completed journey. There are no other charges applicable besides this.

We offer weekly payments, meaning that any journey(s) that you complete between Monday and Sunday will be paid the following week. Invoices are sent each Wednesday and payment is processed by Friday latest.

Yes, but in very limited situations. The percentage of cash jobs is less that 1% of the overall journeys we conclude, so do not expect a high volume of cash work. This is mainly reserved for historic customers that might require cash payment on some occasions. Cash bookings have otherwise been banned to avoid problems with “no shows”.

Our rates are more expensive for journeys that have pickup, drop-off or go through the Congestion Charge area or ULEZ. On average, a journey from Knightsbridge to Heathrow Airport is £40.00, while a journey from Buckingham Palace (which is in the CC zone) to Heathrow Airport is £45.00. The same pricing structure is applied to all journeys that would result in additional expenses at your end because of the CC or ULEZ.

All airport pickups that we cover come included with flight tracking, meet & greet plus 15 minutes of waiting/parking. If you are collecting a passenger from any airport, it is your duty to ensure that you enter the terminal on time and greet the passenger accordingly. You will be provided with the flight number, landing time and the meet & greet time frame that the customer requested for pickup. The app will track the flight for you, and you will have to add the time frame reflected in the journey details to work out the pickup time. For example, if a flight is landing at 12:00 and the customer requested 15 minutes for meet & greet, you will have to be inside the terminal just before 12:30. The customer will then have 15 minutes of inclusive waiting/parking after this.

Our rates are inclusive of airport parking. Each airport has a slightly different charge applicable for 15 minutes of waiting, but the relevant value will be deducted and reverted to you on the weekly invoice (for example, at Heathrow Airport we offer £8.00 towards 15 minutes of parking).

We offer customers 15 minutes of waiting/parking included with any airport collection. If they are delayed beyond this time frame, they will be subject to additional charges in the form of waiting time (£0.25/minute or £0.50/minute for the MPV8 and MPV Executive category) and the difference in parking (anything above the inclusive amount).

All port pickups that we cover come included with meet & greet plus 15 minutes of waiting/parking. If you are collecting a passenger from any port or cruise terminal, it is your duty to ensure that you enter the terminal on time and greet the passenger accordingly. You will be provided with the name of the cruise ship and the terminal it is due to dock at. For example, if the pickup is scheduled for 12:00, you will have to be inside the terminal just before 12:00. The customer will then have 15 minutes of inclusive waiting/parking after this.

Our rates are inclusive of port parking. Each port has a slightly different charge applicable for 15 minutes of waiting, but the relevant value will be deducted and reverted to you on the weekly invoice (for example, at Southampton Port we offer £5.00 towards 15 minutes of parking).

Yes. If you ever experience a “no show” we will always compensate you for your wasted time, as long as you have done your duties accordingly (don’t be late, enter the terminal at the correct time etc). All compensation terms are detailed in the agreement, but this starts from 30% of journey value (for pickups within the London area) and goes up to the full journey price (excluding our commission) for pickups outside the London area. Short notice requests (pickup within the next hour) are compensated depending on the type of vehicle booked.

This depends on several factors, most importantly if we are forced to find an alternative because of your delayed arrival. We appreciate that traffic can be hectic at times, but it is just as important to ensure that you plan your itinerary accordingly, and do not overbook yourself with requests from multiple companies. If your delay is minimal, then we will speak with the customer to determine if they are able to wait for you. We will also try to find a closer driver, but in the event that we are forced to cancel the journey and book an alternative service, you will be charged for the lost commission and the difference in price for the alternative service (if applicable).

Yes, but in certain conditions. We aim to be flexible and we will always try to assist you in situations of emergency where you are unable to complete a previously confirmed journey. Considering this, we will not tolerate instances where journeys are given back on short notice, where  – the collaboration may be terminated if we notice a pattern and you will be reported to Transport for London if it becomes a regular occurrence.

If you have an Android or iOS device, you should be able to use our app. Older devices will not work properly, so we do recommend having a device with at least Android 5.0 or iOS 8.0. We also offer company devices (Android) to rent in case your phone does not support our app.

Yes, but this will depend on the type of vehicle you drive. For executive requests, you will need to reflect a chauffeur type experience (suite, tie etc). We are flexible in terms to all other journeys and only ask for a casual/smart look. Saying this, we do not accept shorts, teared jeans, flip flops or sandals while concluding journeys for us.

If a customer forgets an item in your vehicle, please report this to the office. We will arrange with the customer the best means to return the item. You will either be asked to deliver this to the customer, deliver it to the office or arrange for it to be returned by post. You will be compensated for any expenses occurred because of this.

You can work a total of 10 hours during a given shift (starts when accepting a journey), after which you will be blocked for 6 hours. During this break period you will not be able to accept journeys for that time frame, but you will be able to schedule future journeys.

Both, we are currently accepting full time and part time drivers. Availability in certain vehicle categories might change from time to time and we might restrict new registrations depending on the number of drivers we have active.

No, we try to offer you the option to choose your own itinerary as you please. What this means is that you can log on the app at any time and complete journeys when you can. There are certain time frames when activity is high and as a result, fares are also higher. For example, night shifts and weekend shifts have an additional surcharge applicable to help you generate more income.

Dispatching journeys is automated and factors the type of vehicle you drive, your location, shift preferences defined by yourself and any customer requests. Based on this the system will automatically choose the closest option, removing any bias from this process. You will also have the possibility to confirm journeys in advance (up to 30 days in the future) using the “get booking” feature on the app.

Yes, we offer customers the possibility to leave a tip when booking, or at the end of the journey. Please note that tips given at the time of booking are commissioned, while tips received at the end of the journey are yours to keep in full. The reason why we commission this tip is because the customer does not know who will be concluding their journey at the time of booking, thus the tip is reflective of the entire service.

Once your registration has been completed and you are ready to start working with us, you will have the option to recommend other drivers. Each time you invite a driver, both of you will have the possibility to earn a bonus. To qualify for the bonus, the recommended driver must complete a minimum of 30 journeys during the first 15 days – if this is achieved, both of you will receive a £50.00 bonus (this will be added to your next weekly invoice as a credit).

If such an incident occurs, you must inform the office within 1 hour of completing the journey. You will need to take a couple of clear photos of the damage/mess and provide a brief description of what happened. Once you clean your vehicle, please ensure you obtain a valid cleaning receipt that displays either your name, vehicle registration or something which we can use to identify you or your vehicle (this will be added to your next weekly invoice as a credit).

As per guidelines set out on the gov.uk website (click here), minicabs are not subject to child seat requirements. If you can provide a child seat when needed, this will be appreciated but it is not compulsory.

If you need help, you can either open a support ticket via the app, send us an email at drivers@twelve.london or contact us on 02034795700 or 07884696776 with any questions. Please note that in some instances we might not be able to provide an answer to your question on the spot, but we will revert with an update within 24 hours.

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