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About Us

More than just a

Twelve's goal is not to offer our customers with just another transfer alternative... but with more than just that. We want to offer our clients with an experience worth remembering, a service that meets their needs and ultimately, a product they can depend on. Book with us today and experience Twelve.

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Who we are

Twelve is not your regular private transfer (minicab) company. We aren’t new in the business either, but yet we have created something new.

We like to think outside the box and consider ourselves much more than just that, we believe in offering a product that meets your needs, but doesn’t tear a hole in your pocket. We have developed a means of connecting you with the driver directly; our network from London and around the UK are here to assist you with your every day transfer needs … and by doing this we are ensuring you get the best deal each time and every time.

Are we reliable? Do you offer a good service? Can we be trusted?

With over 10 years experience in the London transport & minicab industry, you can be sure that Twelve will always find you the best driver and car. Our aim is to offer a great alternative to the existing solutions, but in a simpler way.
Rest assured that whatever requirement you might have, we are here to fulfil it and assist you with the best of services all year round, Twelve months a year. Still not convinced?

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What we offer

Airport Transfers

  • 30 mins waiting time included
  • 30 mins parking included
  • Flight tracking + meet & greet included
  • UK coverage for transfers to/from all London airports
  • Special offers on transfers to/from all London area
  • Groups of up to 8 passengers + luggage
  • Executive vehicles available on request

Port Transfers


  • 30 mins waiting time included
  • 30 mins parking included
  • Meet & greet included
  • Transfers to all UK ports/cruise terminals from London area/airports
  • Special offers on transfers to/from Southampton, Dover or Portsmouth
  • Groups of up to 8 passengers + luggage
  • Executive vehicles available on request


UK Transfers


  • Transfers to/from all London airports to anywhere in UK
  • Transfers to/from any location in London to anywhere in UK
  • Groups of up to 8 passengers + luggage
  • Executive vehicles available on request
  • London Private Tours & UK Day Trips
  • Coming Soon: Transfers to Paris – “Road Show”


Executive Transfers


  • Chauffeur type services
  • Free WiFi included
  • Snacks and drinks included
  • New Mercedes, BMW and Audi fleet
  • Executive sedans for up to 3 passengers + luggage
  • Executive MPV’s for up to 8 passengers + luggage




  • Professional and knowledgeable drivers
  • New & clean vehicles
  • Over 95% customer satisfaction rate
  • Reliabe service and 97.5% on time
  • Online bookings from any device within minutes
  • Secure payments and wide range of cards or cash* accepted
  • Affordable prices and value for money on each occasion
  • Corporate accounts and offers for those that travel often


Meet the management team

Florina Chiose

Florina Chiose

Owner & Manager

Florina Chiose

Owner & Manager

While moving up the knowledge ladder, working for some of London’s biggest firms, she ended up launching a “hit” herself on the airport transfer industry in London… ending up with an empty spot in her heart after selling 365 Airport Transfers.

The result? We present to you Twelve Transfers.

Eugen Chiose

Eugen Chiose

Operations Manager & Driver

Eugen Chiose

Operations Manager & Driver

With over 6 years experience in the London minicab business, he knows all the “dark” secrets around. Not only does he coordinate the entire operations side of things, he takes pride in offering our clients with transfers as well.

What a guy eh? If you see him don’t be shy to say “hi!”

Alex Urzica

Alex Urzica

Communications & PR

Alex Urzica

Communications & PR

Not knowing himself in what industry to work, he has worked in over 4 different industries without a problem. The result of him ending up on board the transport business… we bring to you the “head” behind the team that brought you 365 Airport Transfers.

His latest catch phrase? “Say hello to twelve!”.

David Ross

David Ross


David Ross


Marketing is not simple in this day and age. With some many to choose from… who do you choose? Well we say he’s one of the best and, believe it or not, you being on this page is a result of him doing “something” while at work.

Take a minute to thank him for helping us find you!

They trust Twelve Transfers

We believe that our customers should receive a service that is reliable and meets their requirements. It is our goal to offer the best, so we aim for the best as well. Our partnerships help us evolve and at the same time, help us provide you with a better service.

Above are just a few of our partners that help us, each in their own way, provide you with a more reliable and good service!

Stay tuned for more!

Latest posts

Secure Payments

We are happy to announce the start of our collaboration with Braintree as our official payment merchant. With this, secure payments are now live and include a wide range of cards accepted.

Online Bookings

We have now launched our new booking page which has been specifically built for usage from any device. Book within minutes online using your phone, tablet or PC.


With new upgrades undergowing in our IT department, we are now able to use this data to ultimately help you. No need to mention the improvements, you will notice them yourself!

Latest news

Cash Payment

We have taken the unfortunate decision to no longer accept cash bookings to be reserved on our website, mainly due to the sudden rise in “no shows” and fake reservations that we have been experiencing at our end. We understand that this might cause an inconvenience amongst some of our customers, but we do hope you can understand that each time we experience such an issue, we risk damaging our relationship with a driver; this ultimately leads to further problems with reliability and professionalism, something we would like to avoid at all costs.

We will still allow for cash payment or other forms of payment with reservations, but this will be subject to our own discretion. Such reservations can only be made with the assistance of an operator, via phone, email or chat online.

If you have further questions in this regards, please feel free to contact us for further support.

Stay tuned for more!

How Google is helping us reach you!

During the past couple of years we have seen a great increase in the volume of online traffic that was generated by the term “transfer” (in general, be it airport, port, local transfer, private transfer, minicab or whatever). More and more people are moving online to find such a service… goon are the days when you used to have to search in a phone book or hail a car on the road; now you simply go on to Google search or maps, ask for a transfer and BANG! A huge selection of services available at a click away.

We are not saying this is a bad thing, on the contrary, due to the demand we are now able to reach out to customers that might of not been away of our services prior… we don’t want anyone to miss out on a bargain (in a more complex way).

With knowledge and “investment” in SEO and AdWords, we are helping you help yourself, if that makes sense? Don’t mean to be too technical, but give Twelve a try and you will see what I mean!

Stay tuned for more!

Autodispatch to the rescue!

We have worked long and hard on the development of our new back end system and together with our partners at CTLF, have engineered an efficient dispatch algorithm that ensures both our customers and drivers benefit. How you ask? Well, each driver is allocated to a specific plot in London, as soon as a booking reaches our system, within seconds it is already sent to the driver closest by; this helps us improve on the dead mileage undertaken by our drivers, the amount of time our customers are waiting for a journey, but also helps us improve on our CO2 impact on the environment.

But this is just the start…

With technological advances in the automotive industry, we are seeing a drastic reduction on the amount of CO2 emission a fleet is causing; together with the new dispatch system, we are ensuring our fleet turns “green”. With plans in the books to reach 90% (of our saloon/estate fleet) zero emission vehicles by 2022, we see green as the way to go!

Stay tuned for more!

Twelve Transfers has arrived in London.

The team that created and made successful 365 Airport Transfers are glad to announce that after months of careful planning, strategic decisions and lots of research, we have finally put the final pieces together on this new project; with this occasion we are pleased to announce that Twelve Transfers has arrived to London.

Older, wiser and more knowledgeable, our team is confident that Twelve will grow to become an ideal alternative to London’s iconic option and the minicab industry. How? We have developed a better way to connect our customers with our network of drivers and partners from all around London and the UK; by doing this we now stand between you and the driver as a connection hub, ensuring you always receive excellent services, but also affordable prices.

What next? With over 6 years experience in the London transport and private hire industry, you can be sure that this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned for more!


Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details and all information received via email or forms will be deemed private and will never reach any other person outside; we will never share your information with any third party company.

The company is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers. The company will only use the information that it collects about the customers lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). Information is collected for two reasons: first, to process the reservation, and second, to provide the customer with the best possible service.

Due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, COPPA, effective April 21, 2000, we are not permitted to collect personal information from children below age thirteen. Do not submit your information to us by any means if you are younger than thirteen.

For us the protection of privacy and personal data has top priority. Our privacy practices are in accordance with the provisions of the relevant national Data Protection Acts and other provisions of data protection on the Internet. To protect your data against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons we use technical and organizational security measures that we continuously improve in accordance with the technical development.

Cookie Policy

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that is automatically downloaded to your computer when first using our website. These cookies give us the possibility to distinguish the users of our website, help us provide you with a good experience when browsing our website, but also allows us to improve our website and the end experience you receive. Our website uses cookies, but the cookies we use are “analytical”. They allow us to recognise and count the number of visitors, but also see how visitors move around our website when they are using it. This helps us to improve the way our website works (for example, by ensuring that users are finding what they are looking for easily).

Although harmless, if you do not agree with the usage of our cookies, you are able to remove these from your computer at any stage by clearing your browsing data.

Use of the Provider’s Website – the use by the Customer of the Provider’ website is also governed by the Website Acceptable Use Policy. It is advisable that the Customer takes the time to read these, as they include important terms which apply to the Customer.

Delivery Policy

Payment for any requested service can be made either by cash (at the own discretion of the company), to the driver (on the day of the journey), or paid in advance by credit or debit card. There is a charge applied to card payments which is for processing the payment. A receipt for both cash or card payments can be acquired from our office upon request, by emailing us at The company does not force any of its customers to pay in advance and this is purely to assure the customer will receive the required service and disruptions at our end are kept to a minimum (“no shows”, fake reservations etc). For any more information, please contact us at

Cancellation Policy

Unlike the vast majority of companies within this industry, we do not charge our customers for unexpected situations where a journey needs to be cancelled (as long as this is done with 24 hour in advance of the requested pick-up time). We understand that sometimes the unpredictable happens and for unforeseen reasons you simply can’t make it.

If you would like to cancel your booking with us, you can do this by emailing us at with your booking reference and reason of cancellation. Alternatively you can call us on +44 (0)20 3479 5700.

Pre-paid bookings (card payment in advance or deposits) will be refunded in maximum 5 working days from the moment of cancellation.

If a booking is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the schedule pick-up time, there will be a cancellation fee applied, which depends on the time we were informed…

More than 24 hours before pick-up time = no charge applied / full refund

Between 24 and 3 hours before pick-up time = 30% of journey price

Between 3 hours and up to the pick-up time = 50% of journey price

Once journey has commenced (driver on the way) = 100% of journey price

If you booked a journey for the wrong date/time, but failed to inform us = 50% of journey price to rebook

If you double booked with a different company, but failed to inform or cancel the journey with us = 50% of journey price + parking/waiting fee

If you have booked a journey with us, but did not turn up, we will require a cancellation fee be paid, for time wasting = 50% of journey price + parking/waiting fee

Safety Policy

It is our priority to ensure our customers receive a safe transfer each and every time. By undertaking monthly safety checks, you can be sure that the vehicle which will be undertaking your transfer is safe and in working condition.

Making sure you reach your destination in comfort and style is our main goal. This is why one of our policies is to have a car fleet no older than 5 years. One other policy is to undertake weekly safety checks of the car and periodical car service checks to ensure all our vehicles are running smoothly.

Our drivers are trained to operate having in mind the customer’s safety first of all, even if this means taking a few minutes longer on the journey.

Safety is our priority! You can be sure you will receive a…

– Well maintained & safe vehicle

– Regular safety checks undertaken

– Vigilant & experienced driver

– Smooth & relaxing transfer

Payment Options

Why not travel in style and comfort?

Book with us today and experience more than just a transfer, experience Twelve.

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