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Stonehenge Sightseeing Tour

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A Private Sightseeing Tour of Stonehenge

Embark on a custom made itinerary that matches your preferences to the last detail and forget about time limits at attractions, long queues or the hassle of undertaking a bus tour with our private experience specifically tailored for those that like to travel in style and comfort.

We try to make our sightseeing tours as flexible as they can be, offering the option to cover your request in a half/full day specifically dedicated to this, or adding it as a diversion to your existing journey, maximising your time while travelling.

A Quick Intro

Start and Finish at the Location of Choice

We will collect you from the address you are at (home, work, hotel etc.) and take you on the sightseeing tour you have chosen to cover. After your itinerary is completed, we will take you back to the same location we collected you from, or a different one if required.

This option can also be included to an existing journey if needed, and we can accomodate any constraints that you might have in relation to time frames available. For example, if you are travelling between London (or any London airport) and Southampton and have spare time to waste before departing on your cruise or checking in at your hotel, why not include a diversion by Stonehenge and take full advantage of your time while having a bit of fun as well.

Door 2 Door Service

A Reason to Choose Us

“I cannot emphasise enough the value of freedom when compared to bus tours. You pick where you want to go and how long you want to stay there. We did it all at our own pace and you cannot do that with a bus tour.”

Denise S. > London Tour in December 2016 (more info)

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Customise the Tour to Your own Liking

Go on our pre-set itinerary or let us know what you want to see and we can customise the trip to your exact specifications and liking.

*We do not include entry fees to attractions or other expenses (refreshments, food etc.)

Up to 8 Passengers + Luggage*

Perfect for families with kids or small groups of up to 8 passengers. Up to 1 piece of luggage can be taken on the tour per passenger.

*Actual tour guide not included – option available from Summer 2019 (when tour guide is included, a maximum of 6 passengers can travel)

Up to 12 Hours Worth of Sightseeing

Choose from our recommended 2 hours waiting period or allocate as much as you need to experience Stonehenge at your own pace.

*The overall limit of the all day tour is a maximum of 12 hours including transit (from start to end)

The Collection Process

Our driver will collect you from the specified address and take you on the sightseeing tour you have chosen. We can also assist with collections from multiple locations if needed.


Explore one of Britain’s most iconic tourist attractions! The prehistoric monument is located in Wiltshire and it consists of a ring of standing stones, with each stone weighing around 25 tons. Part of UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites since 1986, the true meaning of the ring still baffles us – the most feasible use for it is the idea of a burial ground, with human bones found dating as early as 3000 BC.

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Waiting Time Included

Depending on the option selected, you will have at least 2 hours’ worth of sightseeing time included at this location. Our driver will station nearby while you attend the site and can be of assistance at any stage if needed. The driver will also be able to look after your luggage during this time frame.

End at the Location of Choice

After your itinerary is completed, we will take you back to the same location we collected you from, or a different one if required. We can also assist with multiple drop-offs at different locations if needed.

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